joobster ist ein professionelles Do-It-Yourself Videomarketing- und Verteilungssystem. Nehmen Sie mit joobster action Ihre Videos auf ohne selbst sich um den Videoschnitt kümmern zu müssen. Verteilen Sie die Videos in kürzester Zeit! In 7 Minuten aufnehmen, in 15 Minuten bereits online!

videjoo als Ihre werbefreie Videoplattform

joobster Videoverwaltungstool, um Ihre Videos direkt per Mail zu versenden, herunterzuladen uvm.

tutorial 1

tutorial stabilizer

Stable and shake-free videos. This is the first step towards professionalism. We show you what is important and what you should definitely pay attention to. A stabilizer is half the battle.

tutorial 2

tutorial microphone

The most important message in the film sector: the sound makes the music. Only film with an external microphone. We show you how it works.

tutorial 3

tutorial - the film app

The joobster philosophy means: film and keep what is needed! Here we explain how to use the APP so that you can work as efficiently as possible!

tutorial 4

tutorial film technique

The film technique is essential for your video to be convincing. 2-5 seconds per single shot and the recording technique itself is crucial so that you get your finished video as soon as possible. Learn here which technology you can easily implement yourself.

tutorial 5

tutorial video-release-process

If videos have to be subject to a approval process in the company, this is child's play with joobster action / joobster admin. Here we are going to show you how this works.